Tattoos and Art by Jacob Hoo

About the Artist

Jacob Hoo (British, born 1989) is a contemporary artist based in Vienna, Austria. Coming from a professional editorial background with a particular interest in design, he transitioned his work to a three dimensional space, with the aim of introducing a sense of timeless harmony and elegance through sculpture. His art seeks to connect the viewer to a sense of organic flow, in which the formless comes into form. Whether it is through the medium of tattoo or sculpture, Hoo enjoys playing with bold, juxtaposed elements while maintaining an organic feel. Through his work, he aims to reconnect the idea that beauty is inherently functional and not merely an optional afterthought. By pushing the boundaries of form without sacrificing the natural feel of the piece, he intends to bring soulfulness to his art. His works adopt time-honored methods, such as traditional water gilding, and displays them in a modern light.