Tattoos and Art by Jacob Hoo

Exploring a peninsula on a recent holiday to the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Me and my colleagues at Tatuarium: Resi, Anna and Balu.
One of my recent wall sculptures. I like to experiment with historical finishes, such as traditional water gilding, and incorporate a living element into the space.
I love learning new things and exploring. This was taken on a peach farm as part of my job to document the cultural heritage of China.

Dear future flatmates,

If you’re reading this, it’s because I would like to live with you, so thanks for being here and for considering me as a (hopefully!) soon-to-be flatmate. 


My name’s Jacob and as you can probably tell by now, German is not my mother tongue. I’m originally from the North of England, where the people are friendly and the weather is as rugged as the landscape. Vienna has been my home for more than three years now and my wish is to stay and put down some roots here. 


I work alongside three others as a tattoo artist in a cosy studio in Josefstadt called Tatuarium. We are a close family of friends and share the intention of creating and sustaining a safe and beautiful space. We each do our part to keep the space clean and organised, and communicating clearly with love and understanding. I’d like to bring this intention with me into my new apartment space and with my future flatmates. 


I generally try to leave things in a better condition than I found it, whether its making a house a home, fixing what’s broken, or doing my part to harmonise the environments I am a part of. Safe to say, you won’t have to suffer the anguish of finding dirty dishes in the sink or face the the terror of a noisy mess-maker. 


I enjoy making abstract sculptures in my free time, some of which you can find here. But don’t worry, I use a separate werkstatt to contain my sanctioned mess! 


In a previous life, before moving to Vienna, I worked as a writer and editor in China for the best part of four years, and I still enjoy to write, though it’s mostly for pleasure now. Storytelling and holding space to hear the stories of others has been something I’ve always been fond of, and I try to keep an open and curious mind to learn new things and make authentic connections. 


I’m always up for a chat over a coffee, food or the occasional glass or beer/wine. Cooking is something I find therapeutic and I love cooking with leftovers as a kind of creative exercise. My party days are firmly behind me and I much prefer quiet night at home, a saunter in nature, game of chess, or gathering creative inspiration at art galleries etc. 


If you think I might be a good fit for your WG, then I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for considering me and I hope to hear from you soon!


With warm regards,


You can contact me on 066565670044