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“La durée, 2021

Gilt wood and sculptural mirror (w/ 22.5 ct champagne gold, 16 ct caplain gold and  copper lacque)

50 x 39 x 9 cm

Hand carved, sculpted and gilt.

The seamless multiplicity of forms in this sculpture offer up images of heterogeneity, continuity, opposition of extremes and a juxtaposition of distinct elements. It is at once heterogeneous and yet interpenetrating. The piece is therefore a ritual embodiment of that which is inexpressible and offers a symbolic mediation of the Bergsonian conception of time: La Durée.

The core structure, including the chain links were carved by hand from a solid piece of wood. Accentuated bulbous forms were sculpted by hand with quartz beton and lime. Mirror elements were hand cut and installed before the sculpture was water gilded and burnished with champagne gold and caplain gold. 

This piece is available. Pricing can be provided upon request.

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