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“Twenty Twenty”, 2020

Gilt wood mirror

40 x 30 x 6 cm

Born out of the initial wave of global COVID lockdowns in March 2020, this piece seeks to connect users to the idea that beauty can be found anywhere, whether it is the latent transformative power of a difficult situation, or seeing the latent, hidden beauty in things. By maximising potential movement within form, ordinary objects reveal their beauty. 


"Twenty Twenty" was hand carved on an assembled wooden frame, before being gilded with 23 karat double gold. 

Using a variety of methods by hand, intricate Art Nouveau-inspired movements and 'drips' were carved into an assembled wooden frame.

Adopting the centuries-old technique of water gilding, the frame underwent numerous applications of gesso and bole (gilder's clay) before being finely sanded. Thin layers of 23 karat gold were then applied, before being burnished with traditional agate stone tools. 

The delicate symmetrical movements combined with the timeless lustre of the gold results in a truly unique and elegant wall piece fit for any setting.

Details on pricing and availability can be supplied upon request. 

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